A world where we assure resilience for critical decisions in digital operations done right.


Jitsuin Inc enables developers with tools and services to build verifiable digital trust between organizations.


Jitsuin is a Japanese word. Ask a Japanese citizen to sign a document and they’ll pick up one of their three ink chop seals, not a pen. If the document is official, they’ll use their most trusted stamp: the jitsuin. 

Jitsuins are individually hand-carved by master craftsmen with bespoke designs on hard material that last a lifetime. Each unique jitsuin is registered by its owner at their local municipal office and a master imprint is archived. If a contract is disputed, the ink seals can be checked against these archived records. 

Analogous to the heritage Japanese system of trust, Jitsuin enables users to record the provenance of Things and govern access to the immutable archived records.

Jitsu means truth or essence; to us Jitsuin means:

 Truth in Things

Jitsuin, Inc is a US company that is privately funded by angel and strategic investors.


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