About Jitsuin


Internet connected Things need maintenance to produce clean and reliable data for Industry and Enterprise. It is a shared responsibility to maintain Things through updates, Identity Management and Configuration Control. Our vision is to align everyone in the value chain for safe, efficient and sustainable Internet Things that create truthful data for man or machine to act with assured intelligence. 

Jitsuin was founded by industry veterans with expertise in silicon chip security architecture, secure software development, cryptography and device manufacturing. The team applies distributed ledger technologies to shared device lifecycle assurance as a foundation for truthful data. 

Founding Vision

The Internet of Things has a problem with data silos – it’s difficult for data to move across domains. Sellers must respect user’s privacy and consent while buyers of IoT data need to check provenance, understand how Things were made and kept up-to-date if they are to know the data received is truthful. Keeping Things healthy is not the sole responsibility of a single actor; components of a Thing may be shared amongst hardware and software vendors, system integrators, retailers, system operators, owners, regulators or third parties. Safety and security rests with all involved in authorizing updates, how and when they are applied as well as the right to repair when Things are no longer officially supported. 

Shared device lifecycle assurance will enable truthful data that creates new markets and economies.

When clean data is available, autonomous contracts can match buyers and sellers of IoT data and services. For example, home insurers could offer discounts if they have permission to operate light bulbs while homeowners are away. Advertisers could pay smart traffic lights to know how much stop-light dwell time is available while they have a driver’s attention. Highways agencies could identify where road holes need filling by paying for accelerometer data produced by vehicles. 

With Truth in Things, technology will integrate, disappear and improve lives without intrusion. 

The Name Jitsuin