Co-Founder & CEO


Krishna Anne continues on a mission to secure the Internet of Things from his prior role as CEO of Secure Thingz having led its acquisition by IAR Systems. Krishna has over 25 years’ experience in the semiconductor and IP industry, holding senior engineering, marketing and P&L responsibilities at startups and large public companies such as Rambus, Broadcom, AMD and MIPS. Krishna started his career as a design engineer at DEC working on what would become StrongARM.

Co-Founder & CTO


Jon Geater applies his expertise in cryptography, cybersecurity and blockchains to challenging issues in the Internet of Things. Jon has held senior global technical roles at Thales e-Security, Trustonic, ARM and nCipher where he built chip-to-cloud solutions for mobile, IoT, payments and smart cities while managing large global teams, integrating acquisitions and driving corporate strategy. Jon leads open standards at board committee level having served GlobalPlatform, Trusted Computing Group, OASIS and currently Hyperledger. 

Co-Founder & VP Marketing


Rob Brown saw a market need to bridge the technology supply chain to secure connected devices that involves identity, authorisation, collaboration and truth. From marketing deeply embedded hardware security for smart cards at ARM and trusted software for mobiles at Trustonic to consulting for Ping Identity on IoT, the biggest challenges for users is knowing what lies beneath and accessing  the technology. Chip-to-cloud transparency and collaboration needs a new solution. Rob has a BEng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering.



Mark Long is a commercial board level Finance Director with considerable experience working in a financial and commercial environment with particular focus on scaling SME’s to a trade sale. He has held a variety of senior financial positions at Samsung, APW Inc, Invensys Plc, NXP and Jennic and lately as CFO for technology startups Secure Thingz, Faradion and Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Mark is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and has a Bsc. (Hons) in Finance and Accounting.

VP Engineering


John Hartley brings over 21 years’ experience in software development for secure applications at nCipher and Thales, with deep working knowledge of chip-to-cloud security. He has designed and implemented a wide array of cybersecurity products including HSMs and Key Management Services.  He has led transformation of agile teams to streamline product delivery. John holds a Bachelors’ degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Sheffield University and recently qualified as a SAFe 4 Agillist. 

Board & Advisors

Executive Chairman


Rusty Cumpston, co-founder of Swim.AI and Sensity Systems, is excited to be on the Board of Directors at Jitsuin Inc.  Prior to founding Swim and Sensity, Rusty previously worked in many successful startups as CEO (XenSource, CloudShield), COO (ONI Systems), VP Engineering (Infinera) and also served on the Board of Directors at Secure Thingz Inc. Rusty graduated from the UNC - Chapel Hill and continues to actively support and work with the College of Arts and Sciences. 



Pete Hutton is an Angel investor, Advisor, and Chairman for several start-ups and scale-ups in Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Oxford. His previous role was president of product groups at Arm, where he was responsible for all product development, marketing and licensing. Prior to that, Pete held senior leadership positions within other Arm divisions, Wolfson, ARC and Cadence. Pete understands the balance of long-term strategy, medium-term planning and short-term execution in software, hardware and intellectual property licensing.



Rich Page is an Angel investor, Advisor, and Chairman for several start-ups in the Bay Area. Rich was one of the first four Apple Fellows and co-founded NeXT Computer with Steve Jobs. Rich was also the founder and President of two startups - Sierra Research and Technology (IP for ATM & Ethernet) as well Next Sierra (Fabless semiconductor company focused on active matrix OLED). He has over 3 decades of experience building some of the most significant development teams and new businesses in Silicon Valley.



Andre Durand founded Jabber in 2000 where he commercialized the Jabber instant messaging open source platform, creating the Jabber Software Foundation in the process. Today Jabber is used around the world by hundreds of thousands of businesses. Jabber was sold to Cisco in 2008.  

In 2002 Andre founded Ping Identity with a vision of securing the Internet through identity. Among his many contributions to the identity and security industry, he founded and chairs the identity industry conference, Identiverse, now in its 10th year. 



Ariel Silverstone is a pioneer of information privacy, security and strategy and has addressed demanding challenges in the field for over 20 years.  

He served as VP for Security Strategy at GoDaddy, contributed to security strategy for Microsoft Azure, was chief trusted security advisor to Cisco’s largest customers and led infosec for Expedia, Travelport and Symantec amongst many more.  He is a sought-after speaker, has authored and contributed to more than 20 books, and published articles in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, CSO Magazine and ComputerWorld.