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Shared Device Lifecycle Assurance


Keeping Internet Things up to date and healthy requires a team effort – it is not the sole responsibility of a single stakeholder in the IoT value chain and accounting for who needs to perform what action at what time is a significant challenge.

Thing Makers, System Integrators, Owners, Operators and Auditors may all have a role to play in maintaining Internet Things and Jitsuin connects these stakeholders with blockchain technology to reach agreement on the state of Things at any given instant. With that shared knowledge they can make faster, better decisions.

Jitsuin Shared Device Lifecycle Assurance can track any type of Internet Thing – from security hardened microcontrollers to general purpose embedded computers. Understanding the provenance and lifecycle of Things enables clean and truthful data for man or machine to act with assured intelligence. 

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Additional Information

Jitsuin talks about Things rather than to them so Jitsuin Shared Device Lifecycle Assurance supports modern Things with hardware-backed software and digital identity protection technology alongside legacy devices. With all stakeholders sharing and agreeing to the same view of the state of maintenance of all their Things, a digital “Hawthorne Effect” improves performance, facilitates greater automation, and enables ambient accountability. 


Jitsuin Registrar witnesses device provisioning and securely records device details, including Digital Birth Certificates and identity data, in the Depository.


The Depository is the secure registry of device provenance information. With the confidence of knowing exactly how trustworthy a device was at creation, Archivist networks can then extend that trust to in-service lifecycle events. 


Archivist is a hybrid microservices and private blockchain network for permanently recording device lifecycle events and enabling stakeholders to confidently assess and act on device maintenance data.   In short: Shared Device Lifecycle Assurance.

Live Index

Using the increased confidence in data that Shared Device Lifecycle Assurance brings, Live index is a public blockchain animated by smart contracts that enables participants to trade in trustworthy IoT data without third party intervention.

Customer Propositions

The Jitsuin solution offers benefits to several stakeholders in the value chain that are subtly different for each. 

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Customer Propostions

Internet Thing Makers

Jitsuin enables Thing Makers to take part in the data economy and establish recurring revenue to support maintenance throughout a connected product lifecycle. 

Jitsuin provides a broader view of device usage and deployment that will reduce time to fixing vulnerable devices and improve future product development. 

Jitsuin improves tracking of vulnerabilities, disclosure mechanisms, end user notification and life-cycle management including end-of-life consideration. 

Jitsuin is IoT platform agnostic and enables identities created in manufacture to be published once and enrolled anywhere.

Industrial IoT Users

New business priorities of digital transformation with open APIs create new opportunities for added value to the top line – data is the new oil. 

Jitsuin enables users to prove to third parties that data generated by Internet Things and accessed through APIs is real, thus making that data more valuable. 

Jitsuin eases tracking of the state of Things from any vendor, while keeping an instantly auditable account which enables more responsive risk management.

Jitsuin enables devices to live a longer serviceable life whilst still complying with trust and maintenance standards. 


Shared Device Lifecycle Assurance enables higher levels of trust in data from Things.

Higher trust means more value in data to fund the maintenance of Things. Sustainably funded maintenance keeps Things producing truthful data. A virtuous circle completes to keep Things in service longer and reduce electronics waste. Other benefits of Shared Device Lifecycle Assurance include:

  • Significant opportunities for automation and cost savings
  • Improved visibility and communication of firmware vulnerabilities and updates
  • Enhanced operational intelligence
  • Traceability during maintenance and recovery operations
  • Near-real-time audit view of device patch and update status
  • Checking data provenance within a system before acting upon it
  • Proving that systems are operating to accepted maintenance agreements
  • Encoding maintenance responsibility, performance, and SLAs among stakeholders
  • Proving to third parties that data was created by real Things running real firmware
  • Ensuring downtime during upgrades is managed safely by system operators 
  • Coordinated end-of-life management 
  • Recording transfer of liability when exercising rights to repair and modify


Why Jitsuin?

Jitsuin is independent of chip architecture, chipset, device maker, and IoT platform and records data about Things, which enables stakeholders to build consensus in their IoT value chains. 

IoT data marketplaces will only function with clean data. Now more than ever, a record of how Things were born secure and maintained throughout their lifetime is the meta-information that’s needed to trust the IoT.

Jitsuin builds Truth in Things.  

Jitsuin Product Brief (pdf)


Jitsuin White Paper (pdf)