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Jitsuin Archivist


Archivist permanently records when who did what to a Thing. All supply chain stakeholders responsible for cybersecurity can contribute to shared service histories of Things. 

Archivist logs events, automates corrective actions and enables a collaborative framework across the cyber security supply chain; security increases with assured intelligence and compliance is proven with distributed ledgers.

Archivist is a cloud-native SaaS that is data first, protected by industry standard identity and access management, built on open source distributed ledger technology and integrates with any system or application through REST APIs. 

Customers use Archivist to:

Increase transparency with regulators to show continual compliance, clearly communicate risks to supply chain partners and collaborate on fixes.

Reduce costs through automated compliance reporting and eliminate labour-intensive audits.

Lower risk by fixing cybersecurity issues with supply chain partners before vulnerabilities impact business.


No need for all to agree on a trusted Third Party

Incorruptible shared record of events

Proof of who claimed what when

A single version of history 


Coordinate who needs to do what during an incident

Coordinate partner response to events in real time

Ensure the right stakeholders take the right actions


Distributed records introduce no single point of failure

Irrefutable proof of who knew what when

Ambient accountability built in by design


Encode SLAs in smart contracts and monitor performance

Remove error prone paperwork and labour-intensive process

Automate reporting 

Truth in things

Archivist stores a permanent shared service history of Things. 

It's the information you need before acting on data.

Act on assured intelligence.

Jitsuin builds Truth in Things.  

Jitsuin Archivist Brief (pdf)


Security Twins (pdf)



Jitsuin Archivist is built with:

Open source

Distributed ledgers

Cloud platforms 



Identity standards



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