Why use Jitsuin Archivist?

Increase Transparency

Show continual compliance to regulations, communicate risks to supply chain partners and collaborate on fixes.

Reduce Costs

Automate compliance reports and eliminate labour-intensive audits.

Lower Risk

Resolve cybersecurity issues with supply chain partners before vulnerabilities impact the business.

Dashboard view of Jitsuin Archivist

What is Jitsuin Archivist?

Jitsuin Archivist permanently records events, automates corrective actions and enables a collaborative framework across the cyber security supply chain; security increases with assured intelligence and compliance is proven with distributed ledgers. Archivist shared service histories deliver Truth in Things to accelerate digital transformation with IoT.  

Increased visibility of cyber-risk exposures, increased operational efficiency, and a trusted collaboration framework assures data from connected devices. 

Business Value


 single source of truth


consensus on records


no single point of failure


reduce operational costs